The City I Love is Destroying Itself

Nicole Antebi interviews historian David Dorado Romo about the fight to preserve the oldest barrio in El Paso from the City itself.

In the summer of 2018, I met with fronterizo historian David Dorado Romo to discuss the City of El Paso’s dishonest plan to destroy the City’s oldest barrio and the cultural crossroads of the southern border. I transcribed and illustrated our interview for Longreads with animated gifs.

The Origins of Race and Racism

I’ve been working with UC Merced Professor, Tanya Golash-Boza on a 15-part video series that serves as a supplement to Golash-Boza’s course on the Origins of Race and Racisms. The animations add an additional layer of visualizing concepts and making digestible abstract information referenced in Professor Golash-Boza’s lectures. All 15 episodes can be found here:

Stills below from the Deportation and Racism episode and Racial Segregation and Health Disparity episode:

Stills below from Racism and the Criminal Justice System episode:

Stills below from White Privilege and Colorism episodes:

Still below from the Scientific Racism episode: